Customs procedures are a fundamental part of international trade and transport. Customs procedures vary from country to country, but are basically based on the following steps:

Documentation – Your drivers must have all the necessary documentation for the cargo they are transporting such as waybills, invoices and customs declarations.

Border inspections – at the border, customs officials check the vehicle and its contents to make sure that it complies with the applicable regulations. This includes checking prohibited items, checking the weight and dimensions of the cargo, checking the accuracy of documentation, and other necessary checks that vary from case to case.

Payment of necessary fees – if the cargo is subject to customs duties or taxes, the driver or representative of the forwarder is obliged to pay these fees before the cargo is brought into the customs area.

It is important for freight forwarders and drivers to know and follow these procedures so that they do not face unwanted consequences in the form of confiscation of the vehicle or cargo. Freight forwarding experts carry out a preliminary check and preparation of these documents for you, while in case of confiscation of the vehicle or cargo, they represent you before the customs authority and the competent court.

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